The Spark Notes Version -

Lua Stardust is an alternative model, cosplayer and Internet personality from New Jersey. She began her love for cosplay & alternative modeling in 2012. Her love for comics, video games, horror & anime has allowed her to create some elaborate costume. Since 2012 Lua has attended many events & conventions all over the USA as a cosplay guest and judge. She is most known for her Gamora, Kida and Jessica Rabbit costumes.


The in-depth Version - 



I began my modeling adventures back in 2009. I had my headshots and portfolio done as I originally wanted to get into acting. In addition to that my best friend and I would create our own photoshoots. From there my passion for modeling began and I continued to do so lightly until 2012. In 2012 I decided to begin my journey with SuicideGirls - a popular alternative pinup / nude website. 

I began to shoot a more adult themed photography. I fell in love with boudoir, the shadows.. Natural lighting photography. A year after my career really took off.



I found cosplay back in 2012 alongside my modeling career. I fell in love with cosplay when I attended my first convention and learned all about it. I did cosplay just for fun and in 2013 it started becoming a real career for me. I started attending conventions as a guest, host, judge and panelist. I started speaking on topics I truly cared for. I began creating more elaborate costumes and gaining recognition for my work.

Cosplay boudior

In 2015 I began to combine my two loves together and to make more "sexy cosplays" I tend to do strip-down photosets of my favorite characters. I like to imagine them in these scenarios. What underwear would they wear? What would their set up be like? Would they have cute accessories. I try my hardest to embody my characters and to put them in the most natural surroundings for who they are. Mostly, I just like to create art.


Today I continue to model for countless websites, companies and freelance work. I wanted to expand my reach to multiple platforms and try new things. I am now a vlogger and upload videos weekly to youtube. I can also be found on Twitch most nights and through multiple social media platforms. I'm also making my way across the USA and attending conventions around the world! 

(Lua Stardust) is creating her own get ups with painstaking precision and attention to detail. But costume design is not her only skill. She also creates sets, appropriate atmosphere for the shoot, and works with photographers to capture the magic.
— Inked Cartel

Achievements Unlocked

  • Gamora for Marvel’s Endgame Premier

  • Official Gamora for the Guardians of the Galaxy NYC premiere 2017.

  • Guest / Host for countless events since 2012.

  • Official model for Miramax's "Sin City 2"

  • Model for Pose Wigs

  • 2019 Loot Crate Rep / Sponsorship

  • Model for Annabelle Wigs

  • Model for

  • Model for Super Orange clothing

  • Model for Goodbyebread

  • Cover model and spread / features in multiple magazines

  • Model for inked shop

  • A full list of credits can be found on the media page