Gryffindor / Hogwarts inspired session.

Christina Meerlo of is a new to the photography scene but she is no stranger to the front of the lens. Christina is an established model and has been in the industry for years. One of my favorite things about her is that she knows how to help a model pose to the fullest potential. I believe so much of that comes from her experience as a model, and that it benefits her tremendously in this industry. 


Christina's got quite an eye for vintage / glam settings. Her photos are some of the most intricate and pretty images I have shot. She has a way of making modern pieces look vintage. Shooting with a female photographer always makes me feel sexier. Being around female photographers is definitely and entirely different energy. 


I was so happy to spend the day with her and Ashley Uncanny creating some beautiful sets. She is paired up with an amazing roommate -makeup artist known as AGB.MUA. The dynamic duo have turned their home into their very own studio and it's a modeling paradise!


View the gallery with Ashley Uncanny below