Q: Who exactly is Lua Stardust?

A: You can check out my about me section for a full bio but overall I am a nerdy gal who loves cosplay and modeling! 

Q: What services do you provide?

A: I am available for modeling, model coaching, hosting for after parties & contests. As well as guesting appearances, contest judging, catalog modeling, fashion runway modeling, and I am able to speak on panels regarding specific subjects.

Q: Where do you get your merch?

A: A majority of it is in house. We do our own T-shirts, prints, stickers etc. Most of my artwork was done by Joe Matisa

Q: More specifically where do you get your air fresheners.

A: By far the best customer service, with the most diverse scents and high quality over at https://customairfresheners.net/

Q: Will you be in my city?

A: First things first please check out my Events section! I update this section pretty frequently. 

*If you'd like to request me in your city fill our the form below. I am open to suggestions for events and conventions in your area that would be worth my time to visit! 

Q: Can I take your picture?

A: Photos during conventions are always free! I love my followers and I provide a lot of other services so I'd prefer to keep that free. Just make sure you ask first :) 

Any other photoshoot inquiries can be sent to bookluastardust@gmail.com or with the forum below.


Q: Can I book you for my event? 

A: Please send all inquiries for events to bookluastardust@gmail.com and include the your event name in the subject.

I have 5+ Years of hosting experience. Cosplay contest judging and have spoke on large panels that have hit max capacity of 400+ people.


Q: Could I book you for my music video / video project

A: More than likely! 

I'm pretty familiar with this side of the camera and I love filming videos! I want to make it VERY clear that I do NOT shoot pornography and I am not interested in this content.

I've done acting projects and music videos! Any inquiries can be sent to bookluastardust@gmail.com. Please title the subject "video inquiry" 


Q: Would you rep my brand / model for my company? 

A: Quite possibly!  I am generally more than willing to collaborate with companies.  Please email bookluastardust@gmail.com or fill out the form and include your sites / social media so I can see your products. 


Q: What are your rates for modeling?

A: My rates tend to differ based on location, hours spent, looks and everything in between!  Between doing video, photosets, appearances and more. Although I am available for limited trade work my priority is paid gigs. If you'd like to inquire please email bookluastardust@gmail.com And include information for the following.

- Pending shoot date (if available) If you don't have a specific date in mind just state what your availability is like

- Your location for the gig.

- What is required for me to do for this gig.

- Your overall budget for this gig.

Q: Do you take costume commissions?

A: I do not but i highly suggest Becka Noel for armor related costumes and Sayakatcosplay for sewing projects! Kamui cosplay also has some amazing tutorial books for armor making!

Q: Can I interview you? How about if I want to feature you on my website, magazine, etc.

A: Sure can! Please email me at bookluastardust@gmail.com so I can give you my statement! I love being a part of publications and I'd love to add you to my media section!


If you have any questions that weren't answer or were re-directed here please fill out the following forum. 

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