December blog day 1.

December is finally here

which means it's time for a new blog! This year I decided to participate in Vlogmas. Vlogmas is where youtubers vlog everyday from December 1st up until Christmas. I wanted to make a blog that corresponds with these videos and has more info.. so here's BLOGMAS!  

You can see the full video here:


I think Vlogmas / Blogmas will be a great project for me! It's allowing me to create new concepts and will be a fun way to be active and festive this holiday season. The holidays are generally draining for me with my social anxiety and depression. I'm excited to be focusing on more things that will hopefully cause less of that this year!


I'm also super excited to be spending my first Christmas with my significant other, Joe. I really want to do some special stuff for him and make him feel super loved because he's been nothing but incredible this year! 


So back to the video. I featured sweaters from the following websites:

This website allows artists to sell through them. They always have a daily design that is discounted. I think they stopped making holiday pull over sweaters but holiday designs are still available through t-shirt or zip up hoodie!

This is where I got my Wonder Years jumper and where you can find some great band merchandise if you're into this scene!

The holy grail of Christmas sweaters. The quality on these bad boys is incredible. I absolutely adore them and I've been getting sweaters from this website for years! They are super soft (not itchy inside) durable and comfy. I often pair them with just a jacket and I'm ready to go! No need for multiple layers during a cold winter night. I am such a big horror buff so these sweaters are perfect for me AND make for an awesome gift! 



Thank you all for checking out my first blog. I surely promise my next blogs will have a lot more to offer.