Gift Guide for Geeks!

I've been trying to vlog everyday .. but unfortunately that proved to be a bit harder than I imagined.. then I thought.. Hmm.. EVERY OTHER DAY! But that has still been a bit hard so I will continue to blog for videos that need specific blogs until December is over.

Between Vlogmas, actual Christmas related things, patreon and my personal life so much has been going on. I have to admit I LOVE being a busy gal and seeing the reward at the end of it!


Today I have uploaded a new video for Vlogmas where I talk about great gifts for geeks and where to buy. Here's the video:


I wanted to include a more detailed blog with links and info to go alongside this vlog for you!  I hope you can find something special for that "geek" in your life 






1. Monthly subscription boxes

 In the vlog I mention which is arguably the biggest in this market.

This website offers multiple times of boxes from things like a box for your pet to an anime box! I've received the anime box as a gift and although I didn't find much for me, personally .. I think it's a genuis idea for anyone into anime or manga. While it is one of the most popular boxes on the market, It's not my personal favorite.



On a nostalgia kick? Try 

I picked up the first Nick Box at San Diego Comic Con a few years ago. And for the price I couldn't believe how incredible the contents were! Every single item felt worth it to me. This box was the only subscription box I recieved that I felt had value to everything. It's all 90's Nickelodeon items which is the era of cartoons I grew up on.. leaves a soft spot in my heart.

Due to the bulk these boxes ship quarterly, however .. it feels worth it. I  ordered a new one for the holiday and I'll be unboxing it when it arrives! You can view the video on their page for an unboxing.

Honorable mention to these websites and boxes!


2. Webstores from independent artists

Checkout websites like these listed below for unique products from artists! These websites offer stuff like clothing, mugs, comforters, backpacks, stickers, tote bags, pillows house deco and more!



3. Tickets to your local convention

This is super simple just google Local con in (insert your area)! Have fun :)

You can also check these sites: 


Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 1.16.43 PM.png

4. Artwork from their favorite artist(s)

The following links I've included are artists I buy from for other people. However it's up to you to find an artist that your person likes! There are so many artists who post original art, signed content, and take commissions. You have so many opportunities to get your person a unique piece of art!

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 6.43.05 PM.png


5. Geeky Scented Candles

These are definitely the way to go. Bring your person into the world of their favorite film or novel! I highly suggest these shops:




6. House deco!

As previously mentioned redbubble, etsy and society six have some great home deco! but you can also find some amazing goodies on amazon, at  target and other shops!



7. Figures, Statues and collectables! 

For cosplayers figures are extremely helpful when making a detailed costume. It allows you to have the BEST view of the character they'd like to cosplay! However figures are for more than just that. If you have a friend who is a fan of these characters this could be a fun part of their collection! 

Check your local comic shop, amazon, game stop, target and independent sellers!


Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 1.24.53 PM.png

8.  Enamel pins

Enamel pins are such a big hit this year! Enamel pins have been around forever but I have personally noticed a new wave of shops popping up. I think pins are great because usually you can find some unique items and mash ups! They go great with any jacket, hat, bag or pin board!



Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 7.53.51 PM.png


Patterns are essential for any seamstress! It allows you to create patterns for your projects. Luckily Cosplay by McCalls has your back with this one:

(Becka Noel pictured in her original design for Cosplay by McCalls)


Cosplay by Mccalls also just debuted their FIRST armor pattern by Becka Noel

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 7.52.19 PM.png

There are many more patterns on their website and tutorials so check it out!


Becka Noel is an incredibly detailed and talented cosplayer. Aside from making patterns she also teaches classes in NYC with her partner Dhareza Cosplayza! You can view any of these demos live at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

More info here:

How about these amazing, intricate books by Kamui Cosplay?

Kamui has a long list of tutorials on her youtube channel but she also created some amazing guides for cosplayers. If you're beginner or a novice Kamui's books are easy to follow. She has books on everything from armor making, LED's, Painting and more!


You can also checkout these shops for cosplay supplies:


10. Accessories for your nerdy bits!

Every phone needs a case. Every accessory helps protect and make your gear stylish!  Here are a few good websites for accessories for you!




I hope this blog helped you guys find some great gifts for the holidays! Be sure to leave a comment with what you'll be picking up this holiday! And let me know if you'd like to see more gift guides!